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Need a Jackson Medical Legal Consultant?

When an employee has been injured on the job, it is necessary to evaluate the injury to verify that he or she was in fact injured while working and to determine how severe the injury is. Medical Legal Consulting offers the necessary independent medical examinations from a Jackson medical legal consultant to help build a strong case and place realistic expectations on treatment and to determine who is at fault.

Reliable Jackson Medical Legal Consultants

Our complete selection of services from our reliable Jackson medical legal consultants include assistance with cases in the following categories:

  • Workers’ compensation
  • Independent medical examinations
  • Impairment ratings
  • Case reviews
  • Second opinions

Saving All Parties Time and Money

Call us when looking for highly experienced independent medical examiner in Jackson, MS. Each case is carefully assessed in order to provide information on what caused the injury and what the available treatment options are. This can save time and money, eliminate surprises, and provide a more efficient process for all parties involved, including the injured party, the accused, and the insurance company.

What Makes Us Different?

We spend a significant amount of time in active practice, which allows us to provide honest, accurate examinations. We offer straightforward reports to ensure that all parties understand the details of the injury and required treatment.

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